The Row of Honor: Something Special About Carmel, NY

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There are many reasons why I love the town I live in and this is one of them: The Row of Honor.

The Row of Honor, Carmel, Putnam County, NY

For years now, I’ve admired the waving American flags amidst a backdrop of Lake Gleneida as I drive through town. The flags aren’t there all year round, just for Memorial Day and Veterans Day, but I always enjoy it when they are; all standing proud, perched along the side of the road, colors flowing in the breeze.

I meant to get this post out for Veterans Day but, well, I just didn’t. I’m sorry. But, it’s all about good intentions though, right? It seems that now that Veterans Day has passed, and I noticed that the flags have been taken down and the bunting removed from the Courthouse, I have again felt a compulsion to write about The Row of Honor. I am compelled to tell you about the Row of Honor because, now that it’s not there, I miss it. I miss the visual reminder of how patriotic our little town is; I miss my eyes being greeted by the beautifully lit and decorated Putnam County Courthouse when I stop at the light at the top of Route 301. And, might I add here a small nerdy reminder of my love of history and the area I live in: The Putnam County Courthouse was the oldest courthouse in continuous service in the State of New York up until 1988 when it was closed for repairs. Pretty cool.

Putnam County Court House, all dolled up in honor of Veterans Day

Even though Veterans Day is now passed and the Row of Honor has been retired for the season, all is not lost! Camel is now getting ready for its Holiday on the Lake parade and tree lighting ceremony that it holds every; all the flags are replaced with Christmas trees for the holiday season and they will be lit on December 7th in the evening. (Click the link for the flyer with the schedule for the day’s events) It’s a great family affair that starts in the morning with a pancake breakfast with Santa followed by lots of crafts and activities for the kids, live music, the Parade of Lights and ends with free hot chocolate (who can pass that up!?)

While the Row of Honor season is now passed, it’s good to know and keep in mind that there is an annual pancake breakfast fundraiser to kick of the spring Row of Honor season and according to, all of the money raised from the breakfast, and donations made to sponsor a flag in the name of a veteran loved-one, are used to support programs for veterans. To learn more about the Row of Honor, you can go here. If you would like to make a donation to sponsor a flag being flown in the name of a veteran you know and love, follow this link.

I know, it’s cliched to say but it’s true: the pictures don’t do it justice. So come see it for yourself in the spring! If you’re looking to take a leisurely ride to explore somewhere new, how about checking out the Hamlet of Carmel? You can stop in at my favorite diner, George’s Place, for breakfast. Slide into a booth by the windows, cradle your cup of coffee and take in the sight of the reds, whites, and blues fluttering by the lake.

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